Edina Kangwana Leads Team in Donating Blood as an act of Love to Mark Valentines Day

Kisii CEC for Admin Edinah Nyaboke Kangwana (in Red Scarf) with a team after donating blood at the Kisii Teaching and referral Hospital Photo/Benito
Kisii CEC for Admin Edinah Nyaboke Kangwana (in Red Scarf) with a team after donating blood at the Kisii Teaching and referral Hospital Photo/Benito

Edinah Nyaboke Kangwana on Monday led a team in Kisii County to mark a blood donation drive as a unique way of celebrating valentines day.

The team among them were the Kisii Round table wellness club members who in solidarity flocked to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital blood transfusion Centre.

The blood donation drive was hosted by The Kisii County Government through the Ministry of health in the custodianship of KTRH and the Kisii blood transfusion Centre.

The initiative is propelled by the Round table wellness club in Kisii in partnership with Kenya Police service, Kisii National polytechnic, Ajiwa Shamji group, Kenya Red Cross- Kisii Chapter, Kisii football fans, Shabana club, and other great men and women of Kenya.

Why the initiative and why today?

Kangwana says Valentine’s day is a day that love is celebrated worldwide marked by the use of red color. By donating blood one is giving and sharing love, in this case, unconditional love. You are giving blood that will benefit and save a life of a person you don’t know by name, age, or race. A person who will never be able to repay back. Valentine is about red color so is blood.

“Blood unifies people. That is what we were preaching today, especially happening at the year when Kenya is headed to an electioneering season. The need to come together for the unity of purpose. To preach love, peace, and unity,”

Kisii CEC for Admin Edinah Nyaboke Kangwana
Kisii CEC for Admin Edinah Nyaboke Kangwana

Edina gave a clarion call to residents, especially the youths as they intend to tap on youth power, energy, health, and passion. They have a high chance of having a green bill of health to donate blood. In giving blood, one is giving life and this is the purest form of love.

According to Edina, the donation was a small but very Noble course. Such small acts of service to humanity build up to create an impact in society. They turn the world into a mother Universe, a better place for us to live now and the envisioned.

She appreciated the Kisii county, Governor H.E James Ongwae for creating robust and elaborate structures especially in the Health sector that can enable stakeholders to hold such initiatives successfully, The round table wellness club for the initiatives and partners who joined in, and the ministry of health.

Edinah was also accompanied by the Kisii County Government officers led by the CEC health madam Sarah Omache, CEC urban Dr. Walter okibo, Director medical services Dr. Otomu, head of Kisii blood transfusion center Mr. Tendore, Dr. Debora Omeddo among other officers, Kisii National polytechnic management team and students, Ajiwa shamji group, a number of youth leaders, Arsenal fans in Kisii and over 150 youths.

Edinah Kangwana is a Transformational leader, Wellness champion, Community development issues advocate, mentor and coach, youth and gender advocate, and currently a Kisii county government executive in charge of Administration.

She is known for a number of initiatives among them the role modeling initiative that is a mentorship platform for school-going young ones.