A Pain in the Neck as the Court Contemplates on The Fate of CBC


The high court has served an order of compliance to over 10,000 private schools in Kenya that were associated with a case against CBC.

In an order, served on Wednesday 22nd, the court required that the 10,00 private schools in Kenya that showed interest in a case against the new education system otherwise known as competency-based curriculum (CBC), should write to the court formally notifying it of their participation in the case. Also, the high court ordered that all those who would like to take part in the case against the new system of education to write to the court in a bid to notify them of their participation.

Over the recent past, different stakeholders from the ministry of education that include the private schools association, the katiba institute and the Kenya Union of post-primary education teachers (KUPPET) showed their interests to be associated with the case.

The law society of Kenya (LSK), had moved to court seeking that the new system of education be abolished and schools be reverted back to the older system of education. According to the Law Society of Kenya, this new system of education is both hectic for parents and kids. The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), argues that teachers were not fully trained to handle CBC and that it came in at the wrong timing.

These allegations against CBC by the law society of Kenya have since been rubbished by the ministry of education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha who argues that his mother, though unschooled, helped him with his homework from school. In that sense, Magoha argues that parents should take responsibility for their kid’s education instead of complaining about the intensity of the homework.

According to parents, teachers are the ones who got it wrong on CBC. The court is yet to give out a date for a hearing on this case and it is set to determine if due procedures were followed before installing the new system of education.

A deadline to all parties and different stakeholders from the ministry of education that will seek to associate themselves with the case against CBC has been set to 28th of November 2021.