Rescuing boy child, Stakeholders ponder on rising male suicide cases in Kisii

Kisii County CEC for admin Edina Kangwana leading different stakeholders in a meeting on Wednesday to brainstorm at the large numbers being reported across Kisii County.

As covid 19 continues to disarrange the common norms of living, cases of suicide have raised alarm in Kisii County.

Data from the ministry of health in Kisii County shows that at least 17 people committed suicide in a span of one month alone. Kisii County CEC for admin Edina Kangwana, in a meeting on Wednesday in Kisii with different stakeholders brainstormed at the large numbers being reported across Kisii County.

Kangwana, who marveled at the fact that the majority of those cases were male, said there is need to know what is causing cases of suicide to escalate and how Kisii county residents should approach cases of suicide. According to her, there is need to have this conversation.

Accompanied by Dr. Okibo, both, advocated for a campaign to create awareness against suicide and that there is need for those who feel depressed and stressed to speak out to their confidants. According to Dr. Okibo, Politicians and churches should also spring into action to ensure wellness in the population since no one can satisfy societal needs without being well. This step will ensure that cases of suicide will be least managed.

Present also was Kisii county commander Francis Kooli, who said that suicide leaves women and children vulnerable and that it is time that men stopped dying and focus on protecting and satisfying the community. According to him men can only up their game if they spoke out what may be ailing them and, that women should positively challenge men to up their game since this protects even men who are underperforming.

This meeting comes as an alarm to instigate a campaign against suicide following the many recent cases of suicide experienced in Kisii County.