Go out and boldly face the world, Kisii CEC for Admin Edina Kangwana motivates the youth

Kisii County CEC For Administration Edina Kangwana speaking to Journalists
Kisii County CEC For Administration Edina Kangwana speaking to Journalists

As the World celebrates Youths International Week, the youth is the trustee of prosperity for any nation and its people. For society development that is sustainable, well, fair, equal, and inclusive there is a paramount need to leverage youth power.

The Kisii County CEC for Administration Edina Kangwana Oriki has said youth power is resilient, innovative, technically savvy, highly mobile, agile, energetic, sociable and networked, curious, risk-taking just to list a few. This power cannot make an impact on societies’ development without complementary aid from the different stakeholders.

The Gender and Youth Advocate has made an intentional call at two levels;

  1. OPEN UP

She has called upon youths to open their eyes and passionately hold their hearts to feel the youth power inside them. Decide to make a deliberate move to run the World.

Be go-getters, Invent, innovate, imaginative, create, believe in self, knock those doors, network, create support groups, personal develop self, take care of your mental wellness, never compare self and lastly trust the process as you learn, unlearn and re-learn life.


She has tasked all stakeholders; Governments, corporates, civil societies, business communities, and the clergy to give a hand to the youths by laying systems, structures, and policies that are pro-youth.

”Let us bring the youths to the table and together with compassion and fairness we can build the youth for the future and NOT building the future for the youth,” She said.

Ending with the words of Chanakya. “The world’s greatest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.”