Joy as Police, well wishers hand over house to homeless Family in Kisii

National Police Service Handing over House to a Homeless Family in Kisii
National Police Service Handing over House to a Homeless Family in Kisii

It was a joyful celebration after a family of ten in Nyagenke Village who have been spending sleepless night in the cold , receive a well vanished house.

This was after the story was highlighted about this family spending sleepless nights in a temporary shed.

Henry Nyabuto 55 , would not hide his joy after he was handed over a key to his newly three vanished houses.

Nyabuto said that it was good rapport that bared good fruit.

“I thank God and well wishers who were touched and went to their pocket and assisted me ,”he said.

Mr Nyabuto asked other well wishers to give back in the society and assist vulnerable people in the community.

Josephine Moraa said that they are happy they have a place they call a home.

Moraa said that being a mother it was shameful for her to sleep in that shed, something she wouldn’t expect to happen in her life.
“I vow that am going to Church and worship, if it was not my God who has done it,I would not be in a position to have this new houses, “she said

Speaking during the handing over the three vanished houses , the county Commander Francis Kooli said that it’s good to give back in the society.

“We were touched as human beings the reason as to why we moved into speed and assisted the family,” he said.

Kooli States that children attending school on empty stomachs can be very difficult to learn when hungry and spending sleepless nights.

The county commander hope that that with their Improved situation , the children will now perform better in school.

Aspiring Senator Okeng’o Nyambane said that they will not give up to give hand in such needy cases. Nyambane said that he loves to see the community living in decent houses, “he said.

He noted that he would ensure that people languishing from poverty are living a decent life.

Okengo said They their Humanitarian foundation is to put a smile on faces of the needy as a way of making the world a better place.

“the handing over of this houses to the family is something for them to celebrate on and the joy over their faces can’t be expressed in words, “Said Okengo.
Okeng’o Nyambane Foundation has been assisting the community in building iron houses and do away with grass touched houses .