Excitement as a Kisii Man Whipped by Chinese Boss awarded 3M compensation

SIMEON OSEKO: He was filmed while being beaten by a chinese employer.

Going through social media’s Kisii social networks will leave you thrilled and excited in equal measure, justice has been served to Oseko. It is a clear illustration of the long arch of the law that has finally bent towards justice.

Simeon oseko first came into the limelight of the public in February 2020 after a video of him being whipped by Chinese employers at Chez Wou restaurant located in kileleshwa went viral on the Kenyan media.

Delivering his judgement today, the labor relations court judge Nderi awarded simeon Oseko ksh 3.07M as compensation saying that evidence tabled before the court showed that oseko was unlawfully dismissed from work and that he underwent torture psychologically and physically for a period of six months and so that amount of compensation serves him better.

According to oseko, his woes started immediately he turned down demands of his Chinese supervisor that they engage in unnatural act of sodomy. His stand caused him suffering since he was subjected to hard labor with torture.

Oseko’s case went viral compelling the government through the ministry of internal security and co-ordination of government led by Dr. Fred Matiang to order the deportation of the Chinese supervisor who was seen whipping oseko.

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Speaking to the media, his lawyer steve mogaka who had taken up the case on grounds of compassion to help oseko get justice, said that he was delighted by the decision of the court to award oseko that compensation.

Accordng to him, both employers and employees should demand and give respect in equal measure to avoid instances of sexual harassment.

“Oseko was basically tortured because he turned down an offer to engage in unnatural act. Employers and employees need to command respect to avoid such instances.”

This case of oseko had to trend on so many grounds including allegations that the accused Chinese official tried to bribe ksh 20,00 to a journalist working at K24 to ‘kill that story’.