Justice delayed is justice denied: Tales of a Man who has patiently waited to be served justice for 30 years.



Listening to tales of Anthony, a resident of chepkoyai village, Hamisi in Vihiga County will leave you in shock and sympathy in equal measure.  Hamisi falls into statistics of justice long delayed and now sees no hope of being served justice from the court system that he sees as doggy and slippery.

Anthony was involved in a grisly road accident in Nyamasaria, a road heading to kisumu from kakamega while in the company of his mother, travelling from Nairobi to their home in Vihiga County in the year 1991 while he was aged only 3 years old.

According to Anthony, the accident left him with no right arm and robbed him off his mother who kicked the bucked weeks later due to injuries sustained during the accident.

“I got an accident at the age of three in the year 1991 and I lost my right hand. Latter, my mother lost her life due to bad injuries she had sustained during the accident that involved a bus from a company that was known as ugwe.”

Efforts by the family to seek justice have been thwarted as they have been played hide and seek by cheeky lawyers despite using a lot of money with the hope of being served justice when it was necessary.

According to Anthony, immediately they buried their mother his father embarked on a journey to seek justice in terms of compensation but the lawyer who was handling their case appeared to be doggy, something that prompted the father to abandon him in preference to a new lawyer but the former denied them access to important documentation that was necessary for proceedings of their case. Later, Anthony’s father died due to complications arising from depression.

“My father had hired a lawyer to represent us in court but was not straight and kept on taking us circles. My dad was tired with him and opted to hire another lawyer but the first lawyer denied us necessary documentation of our case causing it to halt. My father letter died in what the doctors termed as complications arising from depression,” says Anthony.

Anthony who is now aged 33 years old feels that time is ripe for him to get justice since he has been waiting for justice for a period of over 30 years. He also pleads with the government to help him access justice since he cannot even feed his family owing to the fact that his right arm was chopped off and that he lost his mother during that accident.

“Am requesting the government and well-wishers to help me get justice, my life has been difficult, I cannot even feed my family.”