A sugarcane vendor accused of exhuming the body of a dead child in kisii cries for protection.


A middle aged woman who also happens to be a single mother from Nyamware village in Nyaribari Chache constituency in Kisii County has come out to seek protection, narrating her terrible ordeal in the hands of his brother who threatens to take away her life.

According to the woman who now vends sugarcane to make both ends meet, his brother threatens to take away her life if she does not leave her matrimonial home on grounds that she is getting old.

The brother accuses her of exhuming the body of a child who recently passed away in Nyamware village and claims that they have joined hands with their elderly mother to carry out witch crafty in the village.

“My brother accuses us of witch crafty and says that I took part in exhuming the body of a child who died recently in the village. He says that that am getting old in my mother’s home and that I should leave immediately.” Says the woman amidst sobs

The middle aged woman who also happens to be a mother of two has it that she is the one taking care of her elderly ailing mother who is suffering from high blood pressure and also diabetes. She was married to south Mugirango but her marriage went south; an incident that prompted her to come back home and vend sugarcane in order to afford for her two children and also the mother who is grounded by disease and old age.

“My mother suffers from diabetes and also high blood pressure; I take care of her. I was married in South Mugirango but my marriage didn’t work as expected, so I decided to leave and come back home where I’m vending sugarcane to provide for my kids and also my ailing mother.”

The woman is now left with no option rather than to request for help from the local authorities to protect her from her own brother who has threatened to end her life.

“Am requesting for protection; the chief should help me. This brother wants to kill me for no good reasons.”