Relieve for Kenyans as government confirms shipment of the second dose of AstraZeneca by June.


It is a reprieve for Kenyans as the government through its ministry of health confirming that Kenyans who were vaccinated against covid-19 using AstraZeneca vaccine will receive their second dose by next month, June.

This statement comes just a month after the ministry of health came into light explaining the reason as to why they decided to purchase only the first dose instead of purchasing a complete package. According to vaccine specialists, led by Dr. Kakai Kalubasia, the first dose is set to improve the immunity of the body even though this immunity will be weakened as time goes by without the second dose.

“If the person lacks the second dose after receiving the first dose for a long period of time, then, it means the individual is vulnerable to covid-19 especially in this period when we are expecting the fourth wave of covid-19.”

According to kakai, “This virus is behaving differently as it continues to mutate now and then,” and that, “People should take extra cautionary measures to protect themselves from covid-19 including taking the vaccine as early as immediately it is made available by the Kenyan government.

Kakai has also applauded the government for its efforts to continue sourcing other vaccines from other companies that include Johnson and Johnson. According to kakai, this will be a great reprieve for the Kenyan population as the vaccine is administered only once and it is thought to be more effective than oxford’s AstraZeneca according to a recent research.

“With the Johnson and john vaccine, the good thig is that you can have single dose, and this single dose is likely to protect you more than the oxford’s AstraZeneca.” kakai kulabusi says