Members of county Assembly in Nyamira urged to approve Dr. Gesami’s name for D/G position.


Nyamira County MCAs have been put under pressure to approve Dr. Gesami’s name for the position of deputy governor as this approval was taking too long than expected.

Speaking during a funeral in sengera omorara village in North Mugirango constituency, Nyamira county senator Eric Okon’go Omogeni has urged the members of county assembly to accept Dr Gesami’s name in order to pave way for an effective functioning county administration.

According to senator Okong’o Omogeni, Nyamira county MCAs should make sure that Dr Gesami gets into office by joining hands with the Governor Amos Nyaribo.

“We had bad luck that we lost our Governor; his deputy took office as per the constitution. He has now appointed Dr. Gesami as his deputy, we should support them effectively.” Said Okong’o

The senator who sarcastically said that he was ready to slaughter a cow for members of the county assembly if they accepted Dr.Gesami’s name, advised the same members of the county assembly to work together and ensure that all the money allocated to them by the national government is properly used within the county and it was a great shame to see funds meant for development go back to the government on grounds that they failed to use them.

“People in Nyamira should make sure that they use the money for development instead of loaning to the national government. We will use this as a yardstick to measure Nyaribo’s work as a Governor in Nyamira County.”