65 year old woman killed; dumped in a pit latrine in Kisii County.


Villagers in Kiamwasi, Iranda Mosocho Kisii county woke up to a somber mood on Wednesday,May 19, 2021 after a body of an old woman was found dumped in a pit latrine in a deserted home.

According to Justus Mose who is the deceased’s son, Pauline Nyaboke left them on Saturday evening with a notice that she was going to attend a funeral to one of the villagers who had passed away and would be back in a short while. It was until 10pm when the mother had not returned that Justus decided to alert his brother and other villagers to begin the search almost immediately.

“She notified us that she was going to the funeral and would come back, but she didn’t as she said. When it reached about 10pm I became suspicious and alerted my brother who alerted others as we begun the search for her. We did a search at the funeral but she wasn’t there till today when we found him dead in a pit latrine.”  Amidst sobs, narrates Justus Mose.

According to Mose, they learnt about their mother’s brutal murder from a middle aged man who was passing by and noticed spots of blood and latter raised an alarm. The family now suspects that that the mother was killed by unknown people and her body dumped in a pit latrine belonging to their neighbor who happens to live in Nairobi.

The body of the deceased Pouline Nyaboke has since been removed from there by the police and now the family requests the police to conduct investigations dully and serve them justice as their mother’s death was the most painful they ever experienced.

“We request the police to conduct their investigations properly and serve us justice, justice is all we need for our mother’s brutal murder.”