Remains of Robert Mugabe expected to be exhumed after conflicts regarding his burial escalate.


Grace Mugabe, wife to former Zimbabwean head of state –Robert Mugabe- has been summoned by local chiefs in Zimbabwe to appear before the village court over what appears to be a protracted dispute that has lasted for over two years now.

According to the chiefs, Grace Mugabe failed to accord the former head of state a proper send off and that she broke the norms and traditions of the deceased’s community by burying Robert Mugabe in her home instead of his home where the family and friends had recommended.

In the letter written by the chiefs, Grace Mugabe has been commanded to exhume the body of Robert Mugabe and accord it a proper sendoff according to the traditions of the zvimba people. Grace has also been directed to pay a fine of Goats and cows for going against the traditions of the zvimba people.

“All properties of the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe are supposed to be kept at his homestead and handled in line with our traditions. I want you to rebury the late president in accordance with our traditions and in Zvimba at a place designated by the family and his late mother. These charges you are facing attract a fine if five cattle and a goat.” Reads part of the letter.

Robert Mugabe died in 2019 in an hospital in Singapore aged 95 years. He was accorded a decent burial in kwartami, ezivimba district 90 kilometers from Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

Mugabe was buried after a long dispute between his kins and and the government.