If you let the government make laws for you, you will become slaves, OMTATAH.


Renowned activist Okiya Okoit Omtatah has applauded the judiciary for its bold decision to quash the constitutional amendment bill 2020 that was famously dubbed as the Building Bridges Initiative. Appearing on Thursday virtually in an interview organized by one of the media houses in Kenya, Okiya Omtata said that the proponents of the constitution amendment bill 2020 have been sent back to the drawing board.

By last year 2020, Omtahtah had gone to court demanding that the court stops all the activities conducted by the BBI task force and to nullify the gazette notice seeking to appoint the team because it was illegal.

According to Okiya, he expected the BBI task force and the procedures carried out by the task force to be considered illegal, he went ahead quoting from the former president of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln that, “Amendment to the constitution should originate from the people themselves and not permitting them to either accept or reject.”

On responding to critics who opionated that five justices cannot deliver judgment upon over four million signatures appended in support of the document, Okiya had it that, “if you look at the constitution, it clearly states that, judicial authority is derived from the people, and when the judgment was made, it is the people who spoke and not the five judges.”

Okiya omtatah sees no value of suing the president of grounds of gross violation of the constitution which he swore to defend, preserve and protect saying that he wanted to deescalate the talk and give priority to the basics of what caused the conflict.

Finally Okiya cautioned Kenyans to be keen on matters dealing with the law especially constitutional amendments saying that; amendments should only be through parliament or a popular initiative sponsored by a civilian and not the governor. According to him this will reinforce sovereignty of the people which accords that people initiate the change of governance and not the governor. According to him, the president is the governor in this case.

“The president is the governor and cannot make the law for us. It is the people who make the law and give it to the governor to govern them using their law, if you let the governor to make laws for you, you will become slaves, he will make laws to oppress you.”