When the state gives you powers, do not misuse them. Elected leaders from Kisii warn Dr. Fred Matiangi.


Elected leaders from Kisii led by Govenor James Ongwae have deeply expressed their regrets over increased cases of police harassment in Kisii County.

Governor James Ongwae who spoke to members of the press in Kisii says that he was attacked by police on Thursday night at his home while in the company of Kisii county senator Sam Ongeri, Kisii county women representative Janet Ong’era and a Member of Parliament in Migori Pamela Odhiambo at around 7:30 pm.

According to the Governor, these are acts of intimidation in bid to bar them from campaigning for their candidate in Bonchari by-elections. The governor opened up for the first time to talk about how the police have been undermining them since the wake of campaigns in Bonchari.

“We have been campaigning under difficult circumstances; there is a lot of intimidation with a lot of problems on the ground.”

The governor who physically appeared disillusioned, said that the police officers who were around 50 gained access to his compound by breaking the gate and that they confessed to have been sent by a senior government official in the ministry of interior and coordination of government.

“About 50 armed police officers gained access to my compound by breaking the gate, when I questioned them, they claimed to have been sent by a powerful figure in the interior and coordination of government ministry.” Says Ongwae.

Kisii county senator Dr. Sam Ongeri expressed how low he felt addressing the media over police harassment because it was not his norm. He channeled his annoyance to the government by saying that he has served the government of kenya for long and can testify that things are not done the way the current government wants them done.

“It is very unusual for me to address the press, what I witnessed last night is uncalled for. Am not stranger in the government, I have worked in the government for long and for sure this is totally obnoxious and unacceptable” said Ongeri.

Kisii county women representative Janet Ong’era demanded answers from the IEBC as to why they had to set up an election and cannot allow them to mobilize for votes. Janet Ongera also urged Dr. Fred Matiangi to use his powers appropriately.

“My friend Matiangi, do not misuse your powers. When the state has given you powers, use them right, do not misuse them. Please Campaign in a civil manner.”

This comes just 48 hours after Tanga Tanga political formation led by South Mugirango member of parliament Silvanus Osoro and his kandara counterpart Alice Wahome complained of police harassment in Bonchari.

Governor James Ongwae has since called on the president whom he claims to love so much to put to an end acts of police intimidation and harassment.

“Am calling on my president whom I love so much to calm this since elections come and go, as leaders we are transitory we stay in public for a certain time.”