Alice Wahome narrates how the police forced her into sugarcane plantation in kisii.



Over the recent past, happenings from Kisii have been the center of interest with the Bonchari by elections nearing. This is after elected leaders from both from the ODM party and Jubilee party especially those allied to Tanga Tanga political formation continually complained of police harassment.

Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome has now opened up to reveal a terrible ordeal whereby she was forced to scamper for safety in a sugar plantation in Bonchari constituency  just to escape from the police who had teargased them.

According to Alice Wahome; who spoke on Friday from Bonchari, the police were trailing every team of their UDA candidate Mama Teresa Oroo Oyioka when they finally caught up with them; teargasing them terribly.

“Yesterday every campaign team for Teresa Oroo was disrupted, we were teargased and I had to find my way through into sugarcane plantations because I cannot run unto the hands of rogue police who have been ordered to cramp down innocent Kenyans.”

Similar allegations were raised by elected leaders from kisii who were led by Governor James Ongwae and Kisii county senator Professor Sam K Ongeri. In that presser that was held on Friday, kisii county women Representative Hon Janet Ong’era claimed that a pregnant woman in Bonchari was hurt by falling while running from rogue police officers who had teargased them.

“An expectant mother was badly hurt as she tried to run away from rogue police officers who had teargased them. This is very sad. Is this the way we should seek for votes?” Ong’era posed

Alice wahome expressed her sympathy to members of the disciplined force who claim to receive orders from above to conduct such heinous acts and that she was reminding the Inspector general of police that such acts were going down in history since none has come out to condemn police harassment.

“We actually feel sorry and sympathize for our boys and girls in uniform because they always say they have received orders from above. With all this harassment, we have not heard from the chairman of National Police Service condemn acts of police harassment. This is going down in history.”

Alice wahome finally urged people from Bonchari to remain focused, vigilant and to secure their vote and that they should not allow goons to the polling stations.