Marwanga foundation cheered for supporting quality education in Nyamira County.

Proffessor Reuben Marwanga, founder of Marwanga foundation.
Proffessor Reuben Marwanga, founder of Marwanga foundation.

Hundreds of residents in Nyamira County turned out on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 to pour out massages of gratitude and goodwill to Professor Reuben Marwanga who is the founder of Marwanga Foundation.

Speaking from kijauri in Borabu Constituency, Nyamira County, one of the beneficiaries Mercy Onyansasi who hails from Matongo thanked Professor Reuben Marwanga for his act of kindness. She now says she can resume school after dropping out two years ago.

“This bursary will enable me complete my studies after dropping out two years ago due to lack of school feels. I appreciate the acts of kindness from Marwanga Foundation.” Said Mercy, a student at Baraton University.

Talking from Kijauri, in an event organized to give out bursaries to needy students from Nyamira County, Professor Reuben Marwanga said that it was his dream to see all students from needy backgrounds get back to school.

“Education is the key; this is the reason why we are giving out bursaries to less fortunate families to ensure that every kid from Nyamira succeeds.”

Bursaries from Marwanga Foundation are set to benefit hundreds of students from Nyamira County in secondary schools, colleges and universities across the country from needy backgrounds.

Professor Reuben Marwanga plead to heads of schools to let students learn even if no money has been paid in terms of school fees urging them to open room for dialogue to negotiate fee repayment terms instead of sending learners home or locking them from doing exams. In his speech he also requested for leads to be provided for students from needy background.

“If there is a student from a needy background please provides leads, every kid must have access to quality education. School heads please keep students in class even if no money is paid in terms of school fees, open room for dialogue on fee repayment. This is for the common good for all of us.”