I will ensure that 2/3rd gender rule applies in all the three arms of government, Martha koome.

File photo. Martha Koome
File photo. Martha Koome

Appearing before the Judicial Leaders Advisory council, JLAC, Martha Koome maintains that if she is privileged to be appointed to the office of the chief justice, she will ensure that all the three arms of Government run in compliance to the 2/3rd gender rule.

“If appointed to the office of the Chief Justice, I’ll ensure that all arms of the Government run in compliance to the 2/3rd gender rule because one arm already will be headed by a woman therefore, this principals will be complied with.”

From statistics in the Judicial Service Commission database, it is evident that the judiciary has fully not implemented the 2/3rd gender rule. While the Magistrate court appears to run in compliance with the gender rule enshrined in the 2010 constitution, the Judges’ bench appears to be dominated by only male. There are 61% male and 39% female in the judges’ bench. The magistrate court has 52% female and 48% male.

In the former administration that was led by retired chief justice David Kenani Maraga, the judiciary advised the executive to dissolve parliament since it failed to implement on the gender rule something that Martha koome says she will work on with a promise that, “All the court stations in Kenya will be gender compliant.”

When asked about her role in the International Federation of Women lawyers (FIDA), Martha koome said that in her tenure, she helped formulate laws that protected families and offered probono legal services to women and children, something she says enabled a majority of children and women to access justice.

“In my tenure, landmark cases that went all the way up to court of appeal ended up declaring rights of women and a majority of them were used during the constitutional review process to fully inform the rights that were already enshrined in the constitution.”