Senatorial Aspirant Okeng’o Nyambane Challenges Tea Directors elect to bring reforms in the Tea Sector


Kisii political leader Okeng’o Nyambane has challenged the newly elected Directors in the various Tea Factories to bring sanity and reforms in the Tea sector.

This comes after a hundreds of small scale farmers turned out in large numbers both in Kisii and Nyamira counties to elect new Directors despite Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) obtained a court order to stop the polls.

In his message to newsrooms, Okeng’o applauded the new directors and said this is a a big change which will greatly benefit tea farmers from Gusii region.

“I extend my sincere congratulations to the incoming elected directors in today’s polls. You have the trust and decree to go and help farmers by ensuring smallholder tea farmers are paid their dues as they should, “he quoted.

He noted, farmers have faced severe challenges in the previous regime such as corruption and receiving low bonuses which have demoralized tea them from this region.

“With key stakeholders, we shall support you and enhance monitoring and evaluation practices, project team dynamics and performance of smallholder tea farming projects in Kisii and Nyamira county, low tea prices are a serious problem in tea production to coup this i suggest that improvement in tea grades would increase the prices,”said the senatorial aspirant.

Okeng’o said Low tea output has been attributed to lack of diffusion of adequate production technologies and inefficient use of fertilizers which should also be highly considered.

“I gesture all the smallholder tea farmers in Kisii and Nyamira Counties for your increase in production of Greenleaf due to your good farming practices more so at this time of high rainfall, “he said.

Euniah Moraa a small scale tea grower at Tendere Tea Factory said the reforms by the government will bring a great change in the tea sector.

We have previously witnessed corruption in our factories leading us to languish in poverty and by the government taking over is a great move we welcome as tea farmer, “Said Moraa.