Kisii Artist Vickyoung Ensanako bites critics


Celebrated young artist from Gusii Vicky Young alias Ensanako has responded to critics who are alleging pride.

Fans have flocked on social media with guns blazing accusing Gusii Musicians of pride.

In his long Facebook post, Ensanako says some fans are good at destroying reputation. They are after buying alcohol and posing for pictures to garner Likes on social media.

“Let’s reason together, you want to call an artist, just to buy him alcohol and take pictures with him so that you can post them on Facebook and get likes,’ He posted.

He continued “There is no day that you’ve called them for a deal or any kind of promotion. And when that artist refuses to be misused anymore, you start saying that he has grown some pride,”

The chinkondi hitmaker argues that because an artist is a public figure doesn’t mean he is public property.

“Nevertheless, you can’t be what everyone wants you to be. There are many positive behaviors that Gusii artists pose than just that. Stop spreading hate, spread love,” He concluded.

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