Kisii: Police on the spot over Gambling and illicit liquor



Kisii county police officers and the community policing fraternity have been on spot over the alleged involvement in fighting illicit brew and harboring china gambling machines.

It has been in the public domain that the involvement of the security apparatus has hindered what the internal security measures through cabinet secretary Dr.Fred Matiangi had put in place.

Provincial administration has led the other officers in fighting the menace but it has proven futile due to other characters in the system doing the said illegal business.

In Kisii central police station there exists a section of police officers who after arresting the illicit brews sellers, they in exchange of money give a lady at Daraja Moja car wash the liquor to sell.

After delivering the cargo via a Bodaboda they then use the evening operation exercise to collect their dues from the seller who excitedly sells the illicit brew at will and at the availability from the characters stated.

On the same line there is another notorious community policing character identified as ‘chairman’ he is the link between the china gambling machine selling and operating in Kisii town and its environs.

He is said to have owned over 12 machines that operate illegally but since he’s feared his impunity has left the residents wondering how he manages to operate the illegal machines and he’s one of the security personnel.

High ranking officer from Kisii central police who sought enormity said that the said character was being embraced by former police commandant but since he’s gone the impunity godfather has now tried to win other officers to his side for the success.

He further tells the daily clock that there has been a racket of known characters that are selling and buying the machines and that there is a vehicle harrier which fetches and transports the illegal machines to designated areas.

According to the officer there more than it meets the eye on the china gambling machines business and its progress and the illicit brew existence, something that cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi should look into being his home turf.