Nyamira: Social distancing a challenge to Churches

Congregants at Byabire S.D.A Church in Nyamira on Saturday Photo/Kangwana
Congregants at Nyabite S.D.A Church in Nyamira on Saturday Photo/Kangwana

Despite the thorough warning given out by the Ministry of Health about observing protocols to tame spread of Coronavirus during worship, a number of churches are conducting their meetings as normal.

Worshipers at Nyabite SDA Church in Nyamira on Saturday turned up in high number to fellowship.

The program ran even as members did not meet the recommended social distancing requirements.

The ministry advised that if a church occupies a population of 1000 worshipers, it is only a third of the people who were to be allowed to enter the venue of worship at a time.

They also required to adhere to other rules like sanitizing hands and wearing on face masks properly.

Experts say the 3rd wave could be more than dangerous.

There are increasing numbers of deaths in the country.

A church with a population of 1000 worshipers was reduced to 250 worshipers only.

At Nyabite SDA Church, things seemed to be different.

Worshipers turned up in great number to worship.

Some other Covid rules like wearing masks were followed.

At the church entrance youths were taking members records and their temperatures.

Also at the gate there was water with soap and running water in buckets.

But in the open church ground members just sat close to one another.