Nyamira: Mob Kills man for injuring Mother inlaw’s Cow


A mob in Nyamira has beaten a man to death after he reportedly injured a cow belonging to his mother-in-law and threatened the family.

Boi Maraba from Nyamaiya ward was reportedly married to a woman identified as Moraa for eight years but the couple did not have peace.

Moraa claimed that the man used to beat her almost daily for unclear reasons, forcing her to flee back to her parents’ home.

“Four months ago, I went back home for refuge and decided to live with my mother,” Moraa said.

Soon after, the annoyed man followed the woman to her parents’ home and cut the family cow’s legs before he fled.

He reportedly vented his anger on the cow after threats to Moraa to return to his home did not bear fruits.

After the act, he vanished and has not been seen until yesterday evening when he returned and killed to kill Moraa and her mother.

That’s when the angry mob gathered and beat the man to death.

Area Assistant Chief Area Mr Kevin Nyakoe confirmed the incident and said that the man had become a threat to the community but killing him was unlawful.

Sources said the man was using prohibited drugs like bhang.

Nyamira police took the body to the Nyamira referral hospital mortuary as they commenced