Kiamokama By-election was not free and fair, UDA Chief Campaigners break silence


Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and Former Kisii Mayor Samuel Omwando have protested yesterday’s Kiamokama by-election claiming it was not free and fair.

The duos who were campaigning for a UDA Candidate told the press in Kisii Town on Friday that police were forcefully ordered to intimidate, harass and arrest them.

Maangi who is the Tanga Tanga propeller in the Region has called on the residents to move on and hope for better next time.

“Yesterday’s by-election was not free and fair. There was so much intimidation, there was so much voter bribery, there was so much hooliganism that someone wonders if indeed it was worth it,” Said Maangi.

He said one of their cars carrying Omwando was tear-gassed and windows smashed by armed Police officers.

“A police officer threw a canister into the vehicle. There were hooligans armed with crude weapons but none of them was arrested. Instead, they arrested our UDA Candidate and other supporters. We condemn this in the strongest terms possible,” Said Maangi.

Owando said the candidates who won yesterday in the by-elections across the country are politically true to the Kenyan Government and had all the police support.

“The Kenyan Government is actively involved in politicking and them overboard in the use of force. I call upon the Kenyan Government to respect democracy. The people of Kiamokama have been given a wrong candidate but we have moved on,” Said Omwando.

The UDA candidate Moses Nyandusi Nyakeramba was arrested from his home near Moremani alongside his colleague Anthony Kibagendi but was later released unconditionally.

Others who were arrested were flamboyant businessman Don Bosco and youth Leader Dalfat Nyataige.

At Matungu Police raided the Home of Rashid Echesa in Mumias west after he was caught on video slapping IEBC polling clerk.

MP Didmas Baraza and the other three UDA allied leaders were arrested and spent their night at Bungoma cells.