How Nyali MP Mahammad Ali disrupted Parliament session with a gun


The Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu  caused panic in Thursday’s parliament proceedings as he was noticed carrying a gun like gadget.

The incident that was reported by the Gem MP Hon Odhiambo Elisha raised panic as he stated that their safety was at risk if indeed that was a gun.

“I have noticed Hon Ali Mohammed carrying a gun like gadget behind his back and Mr. speaker if indeed that is a gun our safety is at risk.” He spoke.

The Nyali MP accepted to surrender with claims that he is human hence subject to forgetting. He apologized and submitted the gun to the surgent at arms.

He thereafter urged his colleague to learn how to approach such issues. He proposed that Hon. Odhiambo Elisha could have approached him personally and share the issue instead of sharing it on public television.

“Since we are human beings we do forget and instead of announcing such an issue on public television you could have approached me and tell me to surrender. Every member of parliament has a right to own a licensed gun by law hence you couldn’t have said it publicly making it look like a ‘tanga tanga’ affair. Ali said.

The National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi had to intervene and save the situation. “I will deal with the foul mouths here in the house, but out there we would be dealt with other people.” Said Muturi.

Garissa Township Mp, Aden Duale, advised since the meeting had commenced late, Hon Ali should be given a benefit of doubt.

“It is not about the gun, let us please take care and be a role model to the rest of the country,” Aden Duale said.