Aspiring Senator Okeng’o Nyambane donates sheds for traders at Keumbu

Roadside Shaded fully built by Okeng'o Nyambane at Nyosia in Nyaribari Chache Photo/Rosemary
Roadside Shaded fully built by Okeng’o Nyambane at Nyosia in Nyaribari Chache Photo/Rosemary

Roadside business people in Kisii have a reason to smile as aspiring senator Okeng’o Nyambane builds them a shed to prevent them from harsh weather conditions.

Speaking to the press during the handing over of the shed to the business people at Nyosia in Nyaribari Chache they said that they are going to generate more income.

According to Eznah Ayako she said that they are now going to reap more from the sales.

Ms Ayako said that the construction of the shed will help them to improve business.

“We have been hit by strong sun for so long , our life is going to change, “she said.

Zipporah Nyabonyi said that they have counting losses on the bananas which gets spoiled from the scorching sun.

“Since the senator has constructed a shed for us we plead to him to install lights for our own security purposes, “she said.

Engineer Kingsley Mogeni said that they have constructed more than 20 sheds in the county.

Mogeni said that they are going to ensure that they improve lives of those living in vulnerable lives.

He said that in a bid to improve the trading environment for the small business people they have come out to give handy to the less fortunate in the society.

According to Okeng’o most traders have been subjected to the harsh weather conditions of scorching sun, rain , insecurity, fewer trading hours and inability to access credit facilities to expand businesses.

Mr Okeng’o stated that his manifesto singles out poor business environment and a lack of access to financing as a hindrance by the growth of micro and small enterprises.

The business people asked other leaders to give hand to the small business people who are languishing from poverty.

They also challenged Kisii County governor James to construct banana factory which he promised so that they can sell their yields to avoid brokers since they are selling in a throw away Price.