Corona effects or a Morally Rotten Generation? What the hell is happening in schools?


It’s been tough adapting the new environment since we came from a Corona break; resuming to the new normal has not been that easy. Imagine 6+ months out of school; just at home eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, listening to the latest genge-tone songs, following some series, playing some computer game and attending indoor parties in the neighborhood. What do we expect out of such? Excellence, then we got a lot to do (parents, teachers, government, etc) to get such an output.

It is only this week that a form III student stabbed his teachers with a knife. This same same week another one nearly killed his own teacher, while the other just took poison just to get a break from life. All cases sampled from the large Kisii region. They are a representation of the many unreported cases. Such incidents are good eye openers to education and home sectors in the country but due to the ignorance possessed by majority of the stakeholders it won’t help in any way.

Personally, I have listened to what people are commenting to both Kisii High and Mokwerero Secondary Schools’ incidents; all am learning is “majority parents and teachers are blaming the boys something that is malicious and by the way we should not accept it in anyway. We MUST listen and handle our boys with dignity not as animals! Not that am supporting their heinous acts but all am trying to say is we need an equilibrium in sorting issues amongst us regardless of seniority of any kind.

Why blame the student and not the teachers? Have you forgotten all that you went through when you were a student? Or is it that you were not taught by human teachers? Do you know that corporal punishment worked for you in those days because somebody had jailed your minds in darkness? Which animal on earth can accept that unless it is dead or bewitched by human tricks? Try provoking an animal that got horns and blood running through his veins; it must fight you back. Will you not get the worst from a human being; an informed boy, energetic with blood running in his veins, with a soul and intelligence in his improved brain? The moment you molest such a living thing you must expect the worst and so we MUST be ready to accept the result and move on instead of paying the blame games.

With 17years experience as a student I have seen things happen; I have always seen teachers punishing students for nothing in a wrong way. I personally have seen a teacher brutally cane a student reasons: parents haven’t paid school fee, student wearing a tattered uniform, a student not having a certain book. Even when a student is in a mess none has a right to kick such a student brutally that will only bring his poisoned sting into action. The boys’ reactions were brought up due to bitterness and the feeling that someone (teacher) had threatened life; something that is normal.

I know it is hard to accept he right thoughts but believe it or not we head nowhere if we won’t accept what nature offers. You adults who blamed and still who are blaming students kindly listen to the following thought, sober up and bring new sentiments that are real and applicable in real life: ‘Every animal with blood in its veins and horns on its head will fight when it is attacked. How much more so will man, who carries in his breast the faculties of love and hatred, joy and anger! When he is pleased, a feeling of affection springs up within him. When angry, his poisoned sting is brought into play.’