No work starting midnight and sack us if you wish, KMPDU dares Kagwe

KMPDU Union leaders adressing the media in Kisii Photo/Bricky
KMPDU Union leaders addressing the media in Kisii Photo/Bricky

Kenya medical practitioners and dentist union have today officially launched their national wide strike notice starting midnight.

Speaking in Kisii, the union secretary general Chibanzi Mwachonda said they have been on negotiation with the government for 36 days in vain.

The trade union highlighted 11 demands to be addressed by the government among them, the life insurance cover, comprehensive group life WIPA, group personal life cover and group personal accident cover which are applied discriminatory excluding doctors in universities, county Government and parastatals

Mwachonda said the government threatening with sacking circulars will not intimidate them or make them back down.

“Doctors have decided not to endanger their lives and it’s a no to a suicide mission,” said Mwachonda.

He added, “We have painful experience of doctors raising up to 10M to cater for ICU costs of their colleagues because there is no comprehensive cover,”

Further the union demands that more doctors be employed, payment of allowances negotiation since 2017.

He further said no amount of money will bring back lost Doctors.

He noted the country is facing an acute shortage of doctors whereby one Doctor is serving an average of 10,000 Kenyans.

The secretary said county governments should not lie to Kenyans that they have addressed the issues and they should instead stop intimidating Doctors.

He said the frontline soldiers will stay home and there will be no fight against deadly COVID  19 pandemic.

The impact of losing a Doctor is an equal impact the country will not recover from.

“Not even court orders will stop the strike, intimidation or threats because the orders will not stop doctors from dying,” Protested Mwachonda

Nyanza KMPDU chairman Kelvin Osuri said the Doctor’s welfare should not be treated as a PR show , the government should treat them with dignity.

“Time has come for Doctors of this country be treated with dignity, time has come for doctors and its now,” Her said.

Osuri maintained that not even the court orders will stop the strike. It will be historic until their grievances are heard.

“We would rather stay alive than die in hospitals. We are not going back to work,” he said