Gusii creative awards sponsor Okengo Nyambane urges the community to embrace unity

Young Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane
Young Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane Photo/Bricky

Aspiring Kisii Senator Okengo Nyambane has called on  the Gusii community to support the Gusii creative awards which is scheduled for 27th of this month.

Okengo who is also the man behind the  awards sponsored last year’s awards as a way of appreciating and nurturing upcoming talents.

“Am still supporting this year’s Gusii creative awards and I call upon the community to support it too because such initiatives unite our community more, “he noted.

He noted the Gusii creative award is an event that will put the name of the community in the lime light and therefore we should be proud of it.

The organizers have identified different slots to be awarded and voting is ongoing for the best nominees to be crowned as winners of the year.

“Despite the full circle challenges of Covid19 in the country, we should cope with it because we don’t know how long it takes. Having such  award is one way of proving to the world that despite all this we are strong and we should conquer the virus and go on with our lives, “ said Okengo

The senator in waiting has supported the youth severally in identifying and supporting artists and also those in the agribusiness industry.

“I have the youth at heart because I believe in them, we are the leaders of tomorrow and we should prepare ourselves today, “said Okengo.

The leader said despite the economic crisis and lose of lives due to covid19, he asked the community to support one another hoping for a better tomorrow.

“We should support and love one another for a good 2021 by sealing it through the unity of our community,” he noted.

He asked everyone to always follow the ministry of health’s guidelines by washing hands putting on masks ,sanitize and maintain social distance