I beg please forgive me, Embarambamba responds to viral video involving him


Gusii gospel artist Christopher Mosioma alias Embarambamba has apologized on the trending viral video clip involving him.

In the video, Embarambamba jumped into a female colleague’s big butt and started bouncing.

The colleague positively responds in return by taking him in rounds while tightly holding each other.

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Speaking in a local online Television on Wednesday night, Embarambamba pleaded for forgiveness from the lady identified as Judy Mammah and their fans.

“First before I proceed, I accept I messed up. I want to plead for forgiveness from Judy, her family and our fans. I have been harshly judged and criticized but all i leave it to God,” He pleaded.

The scene which seemed to be a well-attended crusade has sound out questions on the recent conduct seen in a number of Gospel ministers especially Musicians.

The artist who has been condemned on his behavior explained that he is being propelled by the Holy spirit.

“When I start singing am driven by the Holy spirit. Nobody preached to me, God visited me in a dream and ordered me to serve him. At that time my mind cannot comprehend,” He explained.

He added, “People have called me mad and possessed. Am not possessed at all. Am normal and the angles have always protected me. My dancing is attracting people to crusades and meetings,”

He vowed to continue with his dancing style. He told critics off his life.