Aspiring Kisii Senetor Okeng’o leads leaders in aiding a youth choir

Aspiring Senator Okengo Myambane Photo/Bricky
Aspiring Senator Okengo Nyambane Photo/Bricky

Faith keepers at Boruma 1 SDA Church, Birongo ward in Nyaribari chache constituency would not hide their joy after aspiring Kisii senator Okengo Nyambane came to the aid of their choir shooting costs.

According to the choir official Marlon Nyamari, the historic fund drive presided by Okengo allies to raise at least 200,000 is a great boost. The choir became active mid last year and it is set to launch their new album end year.

“We sincerely thank especially Hon Okengo Nyambane and other invited guests for their generous contribution. They ensured our youth choir achieves its dream, “said church Elder Enerd Onyancha

Elder Onyancha who had earlier expressed fears of not meeting the contribution target noted that the event strictly adhered to laid down COVID-19 protocols.

Bishop Robert Nyamwange thanked senator Okengo and urged leaders to impress such motives and reach out to people especially at the grass root level to bring change in the community.

“We ask our leaders to copy an example from senator Okengo by reaching out and touching souls and extending a helping hand,” said Bishop Nyamwange.

Nyamwange however challenged Birongo ward MCA to put effort in service delivery. He said the ward has derailed in terms of development compared to other neighboring wards.

Representing Okengo, Kisii vocal artist Pharry Kerry said the aspiring youth senator has always vowed to uplift talents.

“Okengo has taught us that we have to always help the church and we are glad you are leading us to the right direction,” said Kerry.

He noted that youths should engage in positive activities such as serving the lord through the church and restrain themselves from crime leading activities.

Kerry asked the political class to have more services to the church which have been left behind in terms of development.

Kiogoro ward MCA Apoko asked the community to always follow the MOH guidelines in the fight against Covid 19 virus.

“Let’s always put on our masks, keep social distance and wash our hands, the` deadly virus has invaded our community,” said Apoko.

Other leaders who sent their contributions are aspiring Nyaribari chache MPs Zaheer Jhanda and Henry Otara.