Supply us with enough Condoms, Kisii and Migori bar owners plead with Government

NACADA CEO Victor Okioma addressing the Media in Kisii Town Photo/Rose
NACADA CEO Victor Okioma addressing the Media in Kisii Town Photo/Bricky


Bar owners in Kehancha town, Migori County have pleaded with the Ministry of Health and related organizations to supply them with enough condoms.

This comes after NACADa officers held forums in the town to sensitize the public about alcohol and drug control in the region.

Esther Okenye said during the forum, the proprietors raised challenges affecting them, especially during this covid19 pandemic.

The proprietors said shortage of condoms is now a great challenge that needs to be addressed by the government.

The proprietors noted that the government has shifted all its energy and resources  to Covid 19 forgetting diseases such as HIV/AIDS and STDIs.


NACADA CEO Victor Okioma held a similar forum in Kisii whereby all stakeholders from the South Nyanza region engaged on challenges and solutions affecting alcohol and drugs control.

“We are reviewing challenges of alcohol and strategies to curb production and supply of contraband alcoholic drinks in the country, “said Okioma.

NACADA engaged county directors’ alcoholic drinks, public health, county commissioners, KPS, KRA, KEBS and ACK who gave presentations on alcohol and drug control programs in the region.

Okioma noted a lot of counterfeit alcoholic drinks are sneaked into the country through Migori and Homa Bay counties.

“Like we have fake tusker brands which are repackaged and supplied in this region, we need to strengthen our security along the borders to avoid getting ourselves consuming counterfeit goods which are harmful, “said Okioma.

Nyanza Regional commissioner Magu Mantindika noted they are engaging the six county commissioners in the south Nyanza region and agencies to develop matrix to help curb the supply of counterfeit drinks especially during the Christmas celebrations.

Migori county health officer noted bars are operating without following covid19 protocols, political good will and common interests are main challenges affecting them.

Kisii county raised the mashrooming of sex workers in town and supply fake license are main challenge affected