Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane warns of FGM during December holiday

Young Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane
Young Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane Photo/Rosemary

A political leader in Kisii has called the Kisii community to stop harmful traditional practices of FGM which has defined the lives of many girls in the community.

Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane said many years, FGM in particular has affected the social economic well being of girls and it’s time stakeholders to continue the campaign against the practice.

“December holiday is coming up and so many activities usually take place at this time including ceremonies and this is the time our people take advantage of conducting such practices, parents planning to transport their girls upcountry to go for the cut,” said Nyambane.

Recent phenomenon which was conducted in our community by the Kenya demographic health statistic in 2020 shows despite the rapid urbanization of the whole Kisii, this does not influence decline of FGM like other urbanizing communities.

Nyambane noted majority in the community are highly educated and live in urban areas but despite with such development indices very low decline FGM preferences.

“Yes we have quality health many private hospitals around however it has come to our attention that health care workers are carrying out FGM practices in such hospital and they are now able to deal with FGM complications,” said Nyambane.
The politician noted the practice has now moved to private clinics and within house estates .

“We warn those carrying out such practices that we have the law and legal framework that will deal with you.” said Nyambane.
He asked Parents to take great care for their children especially the girl child not to be compromised to go for the cut.

“We thank our government, NGOs, the church and political leaders not forgetting individuals who have mooted many campaigns to help u