Think Accordingly Before you Become Someones Mother, Singer Akothee Lectures Daughter

Singer Akothee at P.E with her Daughter. Photo/Akothee
Singer Akothee at P.E with her Daughter. Photo/Akothee

Singer Akothe has taken it to social media to lecture her Daughter on why she must be mentally and physically prepared before she decides to become someone’s responsible mother.

The millionaire single mother said being a woman is a matter of age, being a responsible woman, is a matter of choice that comes with sacrifices, being a mother is a lifetime commitment.

She said her daughter has already mastered and understood the power of waking up early and planning for her day. Akothee says she always takes care of her physical and mental health.

She continues “So before you decide to become someones mother, please make sure you take responsibility of your own life, get ready, psychologically, emotionally and financially , so that when things don’t work as planned then be ready to take care of that baby on your own without being bitter of the absence of the other parent,”

The self-declared single Mother’s President and Boss lady warned that her daughter’s generation is more messed up than hers.

Kenyans have lauded Akothee for her selfless commitment to upbringing her children in a self-reliance manner. They have termed her as a responsible mother who always advises openly in truth.

Maurice Dos Santos Jombo told her “What an inspirational message, I like the kind of woman you are, in you your children shall become good people in life,”

“You awesome mum you were born with a purpose thank God for gift of life and health and the favors has done for you last and not least a good mama to your children from a very young age to now l salute you that life is the way you make it,” Added Victorine Olunga