Kisii: 38 Teenagers who Have Been Under Quarantine Ordered to pay Ksh 28,000 Each


Parents of teenagers who were arrested at Ogembo are under pressure following an order to pay Ksh. 28,000 each before they are released from Kisii School where they have been under quarantine.

On 20th June, the Kisii County CEC for Administration Ednah Kangwana said the teenagers were to undergo counseling which they have successfully completed.

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The 38 teenagers aged between 14 and 20 years, 34 males and 4 females were tested to determine if they were COVID 19 positive but fortunately  none turned Positive.

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On Tuesday, a frustrated parent who requested anonymity told the Daily Clock that they received a message instructing them to pay the amount before picking their children starting tomorrow Friday.

“We were there today and were told they have finished 14 days and the counseling session which they were to undergo. We were instructed to pay Ksh 28,000 for each teenager before they release them. The also sent a text message. They are charging Ksh 2,000 a day,” said the parent.

The teenagers who had allegedly defied rules laid by the Ministry of Health were arrested on 18th June 2020 while having a party in one of the residential homes within Ogembo.

According to Police, in the room where they were allegedly holding a bash were 14 used condoms and several new unused ones. However, a confidant revealed that the four girls were tested at KTRH and the results revealed the had not engaged in sex.