Its Finally here! Newest Hottest Collabo Fenny Kerubo and Rose Muhando


After hitting 1M views on SITANYAMAZA song, renowned Gospel Minister Fenny Kerubo has released another hit. It’s her latest collabo with Rose Muhando.

The NENO song speaks on how the Gospel has lifted those who believe from grass to grace, her being a living testimony. Fenny grew in a humble village life.

While speaking to the Daily Clock, Kerubo said salvation is never in vain. Those who believe will see light as much as there are challenges. God always fights their way.

“The Song is majorly how people have made it in life through the Gospel. I never thought I will be here one day but through the Gospel have become a renowned Gospel Minister. In the song, we are encouraging those who have believed that its never in vain. We are also calling upon those who have not believed to change their ways and turn to God,” She told The Daily Clock.

The jovial Kerubo attributed her milestone to her fans who have always supposed her. She further urged them to keep up their support.

“This far apart from God as my first pillar, I thank my fans so much who have stood by me. It’s because of them. They always share my songs from you-tube to social media platforms. Let’s push together in this ministry. Above all the glory belongs to our heavenly Father,” She said.