Public outcry over quarry blasts in Kisii


Residents at Nyamonema village,Bobasi constituency have asked the government to intervene and save them from quarry blasts that occur regularly affecting their health being.

The quarry which is owned by the county 45 limited company is at the Central of several homesteads and a school surrounding it.

A year a go area MP innocent Obiri was arrested and taken to court after several blasts from the quarry occurred.

Speaking to the residents they said their complains are always dismissed by the company and they feel their voices have no power to rescue them.

Rhoda Bosibori a resident said she lost her unborn child at 34 weeks last year when the blast occurred.

“I remember the blast occurred during morning hours and in the evening I hard labour pains, I went to the hospital and my baby was born dead. I made a complain to the company, they dismmised me and said I had my own complications, “said Bosibori.

She continued, yesterday they hard the worst blast, her house cracked and iron sheets removed.

Bobasi MP innocent Obiri asked the government to intervene and stop quarrying at Nyamonema .

He said he has received alot of complaining from the residents on how the quarry has affected the residents .

“Let the government heed the cry of the residents,”he said.

He alledged that the quarry is being guarded by the police officers and when he tried to intervene he was arrested and prosecuted.

“You cannot not take the advantage of the poor community in the expense of enriching yourself,”he noted.

Kisii land is densely populated any quarrying will affect lives of the people.

According to him as a legislature he has been complaining on behalf of the residents but no action has been taken place.

“You cannot raise economic needs of individuals at the risk of the vulnerable residents”he said .

He stated that the residents are vulnerable to move to the court to seek justice so that the quarrying can be stopped.

“Let government take action, it really hurts when the vulnerable residents are denied justice, “he said.

He condemned the act of blasting and asked the residents to be patient as he waits for the law to take its course.