God spoke to me at Midnight via a Bulb to instruct Uhuru, Bungoma youth says


A 26-year-old Bungoma youth has claimed God spoke to him yesterday midnight through an electric bulb on the closure of churches by the Government.

Sammy Wekulo who works as a driver in Kisii town told Opera News that while asleep, he heard a loud voice from a bulb telling him to gather billions of people for prayer.

He says opening places of worship is the only way Kenya can defeat the Coronavirus disease which has claimed lives across the world.

“Yesterday while asleep I was given a dream by God. An electric bulb was speaking calling out my name, Sammy Sammy wake up and gather people to pray. In the dream, I woke up in distress and jumped out of the house, I came back and the bulb was still calling my name. I obeyed and called neighbours and others who turned up in billions and started praying,” Claimed Wekulo.

Wekulo says while praying in the dream, the clouds moved down covering an image of Jesus Christ on the cross an indication that the Church is under attack.

“While praying the clouds moved down and there was an image of Jesus Christ on the cross. We prayed until the heavy winds blew the clouds off our face. Normalcy resumed. I am appealing to the Government especially to president Uhuru Kenyatta to allow churches worship,” He said.

He further says his dream is Godly sent to warn the Government over restrictions on places of worship. He says God is angry with how the Government is treating Christians.

Churches in Kenya were shut immediately President Uhuru Kenyatta banned mass gatherings as a way of controlling the further spread of the deadly Corona Virus.