Angry Kisii Residents Bury an Emaciated Cow Outside a Police Station


Angry Residents on Thursday buried an emaciated Cow outside the Keumbu Police Station in Kisii County. The Cow with sores all over the skin was on its way to the slaughterhouse.

It was being transported to a slaughterhouse on a pickup from one of the villages where it was bought by a veteran meat seller.

Speaking to Opera news, the residents have said they are living in fear of contracting dangerous diseases for this is not the first case of such kind.

“Keumbu we are living in fear. This is an indication of the Kind of meat we always feed on. The suspects should be jailed for endangering our lives. Health officers are asleep. This is not the first case. Recently we arrested a butcher who was selling rotten meat,” Said Francis Mogaka.

“We have decided to kill it and bury it here in a police station. We ask our Health Officers to sanitize this area by flagging down all meat sellers who have been accused of such cases. This is death in waiting and we cannot relent as residents. We are battling Corona and not rotten meat,” Added Jane Oguta.

Harrison George a senior County Public Animal Health Officer from the sub-county asked Residents to be vigilant and report such cases for quick action.

“We cannot manage to be everywhere at all times. We have closely worked with the residents and we have managed to arrest the Suspects. I ask them to always give us information and we will act as quickly as possible,” He said.

As we were publishing this article, the butcher and the driver were being held at Keumbu Police station for further action.