Kari Primary school management petitions Kisii county over cancer center


Kari primary  school management  grappling with  learning infrastructural challenges has petitioned Kisii county government to review its proposal to construct a cancer hospital next to the learning institution.

The management expressed its fears over possible interference of  the school’s learning programmes among others by the  proposed  hospital.

Addressing a section  of the parents in the school,Board chairman Antony Moindi said although the hospital project was a noble idea,its location was unsuitable for young learners.

According to the board, the health facility was likely  to generate unsafe medical stores and supplies waste, fumes from an incinerator and noise from blurring ambulances and   posing a stiff competition for the school’s expansion.

AUDIO: Anthony Moindi

Wailing from members of bereaved families will traumatize the learners,it was further  claimed.

The chairman recommended an alternative site for the cancer hospital following a visit by environmental impact assessment team.

Abel Maseno,the Head Teacher, decried turning of a section of  the Kisii-Keroka highway by motorists into a black spot where the school’s learners continued to be involved in road accidents.

Maseno cited last term and early this year  where a total of  four learners had been separately  hit by vehicles.

He called for erection of road safety barriers and signs to avert further loss of learners’ lives and maiming and urged motorists to drive responsibly when approaching  the spot.

The Head Teacher lamented over constraints the  adolescent girl-child underwent  through in  the school owing to lack of sanitary towels provision.

Appealing for donation of the supplies to help retain the girl-child in school during the physiological experiences, Maseno  clarified the programme on the same by Education Ministry currently  catered for class eight candidates.

Kari primary,  is a perennial  leading school  in the county  posting sterling KCPE results.