Pastor Morwabe-God has spoken, prohibit translating national anthem to native languages


A Kisii pastor who claimed to have muted Raila’s Voice in Meru has said the Government should prohibit the translation of National anthem to native languages.

Pastor Peter Morwabe of Gospel Embassy Chapel church Kisii said for the sake of peace and unity of Kenya, the anthem should only be sung in Swahili or English.

In a message to The Daily Clock on Thursday, Morwabe said the song originated from the Pokomo and other languages but because of the Wisdom from the founders of Kenya, they decided to be put in English and Swahili.

“The Government is supposed to prohibit the business of trying to translate the National Anthem into native languages. Let’s just sing in Swahili and English for the sake of the Nation’s unity,” He wrote.

“This Song originated from the Pokomo and other languages but because of the wisdom from Kenya’s founder Elders, they put it in Swahili and English,” He added.

On Wednesday the pastor claimed God had instructed him to suspend all BBI Rallies in Kenya and mute the voices of leaders who will not obey the order from God.

He said while in payer with his wife early morning on 29th February 2020, God showed him muting the leaders as a consequence that God is against the rallies.

“Because they started from Kisii, the Lord commanded me to suspend all the rallies again from Kisii. And that is why I stood on the alter on Saturday 29th February 2020 and suspended all the rallies. As far as our church is concerned the BBI rallies stand canceled,” Said Morwabe.

On Saturday afternoon while addressing a BBI rally in Meru, ODM leader Raila Odinga lost his voice an incident that has sparked unanswered reactions.