Governor Nyagarama accuses senate of fishing expedition

Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama Photo/courtesy
Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama Photo/courtesy

Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama has accused the Senate of working on a fishing expedition by asking him to provide information for allegations which have not been brought up to his attention.

“I cannot be forced to bring before the Senate information on issues that I am not aware of. It’s on the onus of the petitioner to provide any evidence against me or the county government for us to respond,” the Governor said when he appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Right.

The Nyamira Governor who came with a response to a petition filed by Reuben Kibegwa Mageuzi also took offence after he was informed while at the Senate that the accuser had withdrawn his petition.

“I was expecting to find the petitioner and face his accusations. I came with a big team and evidence against what was alleged. I am shocked to be told while appearing in this committee that he has withdrawn his petition,” Mr Nyagarama said.

Through an affidavit, Mr Mageuzi informed the Senate that he had withdrawn his petition following efforts by the county to satisfactory address the issues which he had raised touching on procurement, recruitment, abuse of office, public participation and marginalisation in Nyamira County.

“I hold no claims against the County government of Nyamira, its governor or any other officials,” Mr Mageuzi said in his withdrawal letter.

Following the withdrawal of the petition, the Senate said that it will summon the petitioner on March 5 for him to affirm reasons for his withdrawal before the Senate.