County officials escape mob Justice at a Public participation forum in Keumbu

Angry Residents who walked out of the Meeting Photo/Daily Clock
Angry Residents who walked out of the Meeting Photo/Daily Clock

Kisii County officials on Wednesday escaped mob Justice at Keumbu after they were chased by angry residents from holding a public participation meeting.

The officials turned up asking residents to submit their proposals on projects the county should give priority at Keumbu social hall.

All turned sour when the officials failed to produce a clear record of how money has been spent on stalled projects they have been proposing in previous meetings.

Addressing the media after the scuffle, former councilor Jackson Moindi said they have never seen any progress on the projects they have been proposing in the previous forums.

“They usually come here in suits asking us to propose projects which end up being ghost projects. We have never seen them and the little that are there all are stalled. We only hear money has been allocated but we don’t know whose pockets it ends,”

He added “Now they are here again forcing us to have a meeting, we demand a record of fully completed projects from them. We have said no and we don’t want to see them here,”

“We are now writing a protest note to Kisii Governor James Ongwae because we don’t want to be rubber-stamped for corruption. We have said no to be used again to pass projects which later people use to loot Public funds. Our protest note is reaching the Governor’s office by Thursday 12 noon,” Said Jeremiah Otuke.

The residents have vowed not to allow any public participation meeting at Keumbu until the Government produces a clear record of the progress of projects they have been proposing.