Writers pay tribute to fallen giant News Website, Hivisasa


Ndung’u Wa Gathua, January 29, 2020.

SAD NEWS indeed but I smelled it when Hivisasa problems began to become the order of the day in recent times.

But if by any chance Hivisasa never makes it back owing to the current quagmire it is fixed in, God forbid, personally, I will always remain grateful & indebted to Hivisasa for making me the writer I am today.

I can without shame pronounce here that Hivisasa is the best thing that came in my Journalism career now spurning for over 9 uninterrupted years.

When I joined Hivisasa on September 2013 after one year stint on radio, I wasn’t the confident & furnished writer I am today. I learnt through soil & toil rising up the rank to become the EDITORIAL MANAGER, KIAMBU fromJan 2018. It isn’t an easy fête!

But even after I resigned from that position on May, 2018, I promised my then Hivisasa bosses that I would continue to contribute to the site as a writer, sth I have continued to do to date.

Now to hear these sad news, I must confess that from deep within me, I feel veery BAD. Hivisasa, money aside, had become part of my system. But whatever must be, they say, must be! No regrets!

Will always have nostalgic memories & cherish all Hivisasa moments. Yes, because it is at Hivisasa where I cut my writing teeth.

For now, I can only wish & hope that whichever model Hivisasa opts for will work for them & the writers they will desire to move forward with as their DREAM TEAM, will enable reach their overall goals. Thank you!