Abamachoge Elders-We fully support Maangi, let the two sit and solve their wrangles

Abamachoge Elders council Addressing the Media in Ogembo town on Friday Photo/Rogers
Abamachoge Elders council Addressing the Media in Ogembo town on Friday Photo/Rogers

The Bomachoge elders council has urged Kisii Governor James Ongwae and his Deputy Governor Joash Maangi to put aside their political differences and serve the Electorate.

Led by their chairman James Ong’eta Kimonge, the elders have firmly said its Ongwae’s turn to fulfill his promise to Abamachoge through Maangi.

Addressing the Media at Ogembo town on Friday, The elders said Maangi won’t resign as a Deputy for they were jointly voted for.

“He will not resign. He is the Deputy Governor. They were jointly voted for. We only ask the two to sit down and solve their in-house wrangles. As Abamachoge we also want the gubernatorial seat and our preferred Candidate is Maangi,” They Said.

In 2013 Maangi supported Ongwae in a ten-year agreement, after which Ongwae was to hand over to Maangi come 2022.

The elders have vowed to seek the audience jointly with the Governor and Maangi in a bid to find an amicable solution.

They unveiled their unshaken support for Joash Maangi, Building Bridges Initiative Report, James Ongwae and CS Dr Fred Matiangi.

Last week on 9th January, Police officers raided Maangis residential home in Kisii town and withdrew all his office vehicles.

A close confidant told the Daily Clock that Kisii County Staff who seem to be in support of the deputy have been transferred to various sub-counties from Kisii Town.

The wrangles started when the Deputy Governor Joash Maangi declared war against graft in Kisii County Government.

In his 1st January 2020 presser, Maangi told Matiangi to stop using and walking with tainted leaders who are sheltering under him for protection against graft.