Dying cow scheduled for slaughter Wednesday night nabbed by residents at Kegati

The arrested cow unable to walk with visible skin wounds Photo/Daily News
The arrested cow unable to walk with visible skin wounds Photo/Daily News

Tension is high at Kegati Market in Nyaribari Chache Constituency after residents nabbed a trader sneaking with a sick cow to slaughter house Wednesday night.

The black cow with white spots has wounds on its skin and could not walk properly.

Residents say it was scheduled to be slaughtered tonight and later be sold tomorrow Thursday to innocent consumers.

“This market of ours we will die one day. This person is troublesome. He is a butcher here and he always slaughters his cows at night. Like this cow we have blocked is tired and sick. It has wounds all over its skin,” Said Juma Tai.

It’s alleged that the cow belongs to a former councilor who was identified as Mr. Pius Auma Mbego a butcher at Kegati Market.

Auma told the media that his cow was fine but tired, the claims residents have declined. Its alleged that he brought the cow from a nearby village, Kiogora in Nyosia.

Residents have closed the slaughter house for three days until the Ministry surveys to investigate the matter and take stern action.

“We have been shocked to see a dead cow being pulled into the slaughter house at night. We have closed this slaughter house from today. Let the Government help our people who are dying. This is dangerous. We will accept our people to die out of sick cows,” Said James Mogaka.

Residents have said this is not the first case in the area.

The suspect has been arrested by Police and he will spend the night in Kisii Central Police station awaiting questioning.