Church opposes sex age from 18 to 16 terming it as Moral decay

Church opposes sex age from 18 to 16 terming it as Moral decay
Anglican Church of Kenya Arch-Bishop, Jackson Ole Sapit PHOTO/COURTESY

As Kenya fights to reduce sex consent age from the usual 18 to 16 a move that has ignited debate across all races, Arch Bishop Ole Sapit has opposed the move.

Sapit has strongly opposed the Court of Appeal proposal  claiming that sex consent will destroy the moral fabric of the society and will encourage homosexuality in Kenya.

“What we are saying as church, 18 years is the age we know one is able to make mature decisions. Lowering the age means we are losing moral fabric of our society. Its not right at all,” He said.

The court of appeal want to amend the sexual offense act to allow age of consent reduced to 16 which Sapit has termed as a petty reason which will lead increased immorality.

“There are some issues which are not beneficial to children. We first want to know what they mean by comprehensive sex. This will not control our children from early sex. The bible teaches us on good morals. Having sex outside marriage is sin,” He adds.

Three court of apleal Judges have already opposed the bill. They questioned the penality provisions in the Sexual Offenses Act No.3 of 2006.

Daniel Musinga, Roselyn Nambuye and Patrick Kiage are the three judges who opposed the Amendment.