No referendum until we understand its motive, Section of Kisii leaders say

Deputy President William Ruto with kisii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and Bonchari Member of Parliament Oroo Oyioka at Suneka airstrip on Thursday PHOTO/BRIGHTON MAKORI/DAILY CLOCK

A section elected leaders from Kisii County have challenged those who are proposing for the Referendum to come out clear and explain to Kenyans what they want to be changed and why it should be changed.

Led by south Mugirango Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro said that the debate over the Referendum has been created by some individuals to divert Development agendas.

Speaking in Bonchari constituency on Thursday during a fund drive in aid of the construction of Suneka Parish which was presided over by Deputy President William Ruto, Osoro said that its recently that the country has come out from election mood , now it’s development time and not Referendum.

“It’s only one year since we were in election lets know that election is over and focus on development of building schools, constructing of roads, Hospital and many other projects” said osoro

He added that we cannot be changing the constitution now and then since Kenyans are tired of the ‘Katiba’ which is proposed to create positions to some individuals.

“Kenyans are not ready to the creation of positions, already they are burdened with high number of leaders how again they want us to have Prime minister and Deputy Prime minister Positions, ”questioned osoro

Kitutu chache Member of Parliament Richard Onyoka who was also present said that the current constitution has some loopholes but it should be clear which problems need to be addressed and the Wananchi should be given an opportunity to tell if we can change it or not.

He called upon Kenyans not blindly go to the referendum  either in favor of it or not but take time in participation to know what should be changed and when .

The sentiments were encored by Kisii county Deputy Governor Joash maangi who said 2010 new constitution has brought positive changes to the country more so having the devolved units.

“We are shocked that there are some people who what to change the system of governance even before we fully implement it”

The Deputy county boss said that those who want to change the constitution let them tell Kenyans where, what and why they want to change the constitution.

According to him the current system of governance should continue.

At the same time they supported Deputy President William Ruto for his effort in ensuring that Development agenda goes on.

Other members of parliament from the region who were present include Bomachoge Chache MP Alfa Miruka, Bomachoge Borabu Mp zadock oguto, Nyaribari masaba Mp Ezekiel Machogu, Bobasi Mp Innocent Obiri, and the host MP Oyoo Oyioka