Five suspects arrested with fake Money in Nyamache Kisii

File Photo. Courtesy

Five suspects were on Tuesday arrested with fake US dollar currency amounting to 380,000 at Gionseri Location Nyamache Sub county

The suspects were alleged to have been involved in trading fake money and/or money laundering

The five were identified as Haron Ondora ,Hebert Akuma, David Barongo Moenga, Danvas Bisera Nyangau and Richard Magembe.

Haron Ondora had 270,000 fake US dollars and his car had a knife & an axe while Hebert Akuma – had 110,000 fake US dollars.

Other materials found in their possession include, LUGOS OF IODINE, TINCTURE OF IODINE, GRANULES, POWDER, UNKNOWN SOLUTION and BLACK MONEY whose value is about 2 million.

The suspects have been moved to Nyangusu police station awaiting to be arraigned in court.