Excuse me sir, Mr politician is not with us. Why?



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The politician is not with us. I said it, now have said it and allow me to repeat it: “THE POLITICIAN IS NOT WITH US!” Yes he, the politician proved it yesterday that he is no longer with us even those who pretended to be on our side, it was all a joke.

Now all that you must do is to work hard to fund the politician and his projects that are not viable in any way. Some
politicians said all they wanted is to leave a legacy and already even if the are snatched from earth, already they have built a legacy; „squeezing our pockets empty.‟ If the majority Kenyans had the power and the sovereignty in them, by now they could have done something to liberate their hard gotten money!

No common man or woman should celebrate of anything in the top government agendas because it is all a dream that fatigues the dreamer yet it lasts as long as the dreamer is asleep leaving the blanket and the mattress in a poor state. Let‟s have a look on two projects that we are funding through loans which VAT and any other form of our taxes are servicing;

1. SGR (phase 1) and the Nairobi-Mombasa Dual Carriage Highway,

2. Equipping of County Referral Hospitals,

First, SGR was meant to; bring and offer engineering experience to the skilled Kenyan youth who have gone through TVET systems, create employment opportunities for Kenyans both skilled and unskilled (as from laying of its foundations through completion to running the whole project), bring efficiency on the transport sector and also bring income to the government of Kenya. All this turned to a fallacy.

Major technical building operations were mainly done by the Chinese Kenyan technologists who were to be nurtured were left with „kazi ya mkono.‟ After phase 1 completion, Kenyans only offered there services on the launch but later ON; majority of Chinese took over the major and minor operations.

Kenyans who are still working there are under some covers whereby they are not allowed to give out what happens in their working environment. Already it has proved inefficient when it comes to transporting cargo from the port to Nairobi; it has not provided any competition to truck-men that is why somebody is busy working to ensure that the Nairobi-Mombasa dual carriage is completed fast. Why don‟t they work on SGR until profits start flowing rather than building another project that will compete with it mercilessly?

Second, Equipping of County Referral hospitals was a noble thing but the way it was brought to action has turned it a disaster. Yes, a disaster to our economy and to our health. What is the use of equipment or machine that has no user yet it is paid for? Majority of new equipment in some hospitals serve no purpose other than the aesthetics since we got no experts to work on them.

Those equipment that are in use are serviced, maintained and repaired by foreigners (owners) yet we got qualified technicians who can do the jobs and of this it is the work of the equipment owner to ensure that their equipment is in good condition (major Medical Equipment is here on lease i.e.).

All the two projects stated were brought to help pipe borrowed cash to the politicians‟ pocket. It is this borrowed cash that funded purchase of caps and T-shirts that you wore and that some wear up to now. The 1K that you were bought with came from the borrowed cash. Therefore as we strive to repay back; rethink to avoid the mess again and bring intellectuals or even professionals to run our social, political and economic affairs in Nairobi.