All we need is to use all the powers that belong to us people



Somebody is telling us something; yes a point that many of us Kenyans are not taking it seriously. If you have followed the recent and still keenly following the current socio-political and economic happenings; you have more or equal of what have seen in the people whom we elected.

As we continue observing all these, we need to take one or two steps to discourage the negatives and encourage the positives that we observe starting if from the governments then extending it to individual appointees who are serving themselves in the expense of us the people.

The governments both national and county governments have totally failed on their basic role- “Protecting us from exploitation” leaving us on the mercy of some individuals who only cares of gains rather than the quality of service they are offering.

A good example is the matatu sector which is not regulated by any government here in Kenya- the moment the cost of fuel goes up say by Ksh. 19 fares goes higher by Kshs. 50 and to some parts Ksh.100. Another good example is the shopkeeper near you, he/she always hikes the price of all the products in stock the moment the fuel cost goes up and the moment the fuel cost goes down he/she maintains the cost until the stock is over. Others who are getting it good from us are importers of all sorts of cheap and poor quality products which they later sell to us at a higher cost than the quality demands after all some are not fit for human use.

The governments themselves are exploiting us in the name of growing the economy: building infrastructure, housing Kenyans, creating employment, offering free primary and secondary education and affordable health care using borrowed cash and manpower.

All these are well planned schemes conveying fat cash to some elite groups. In such cases of exploitation, we need
to protect ourselves since the governments are not able to do it for us –All that the governments want is cash; the levies (paid for work permits, licenses and VAT) to pay DEBTS nothing else.

We MUST wake up and say NO!

Saying no to exploitation needs us not the politician who is fighting for self-gain. A good example is this man who has sponsored some bill that intends to nullify the Senate, Women Representative seat, etc to reduce the burden we „WANANCHI’ are carrying, instead of proposing to cut-off some portion of their salaries. Not even one politician is with or is for us; each has his/her own ambition.